The world of sound enthusiasts

The world of sound enthusiasts

Hi-Fi enthusiasts are also known as audio files, but many enjoy them more like Audiophools! Although many people around the world have hobbies or interests that take up much of their spare time and surplus funds, the world of sounds goes very far beyond that.

The current youth production is thinking of portable media players like the norm, but before that, listening to music in the home empires for some kind of hi-fi system. From a basic turntable to the radiogram and to the component systems, the variations were almost infinite. Overall, however, the basics were the same. A source component (originally a turntable, but also a CD player and now streaming computer music), an amplifier and a pair of speakers - or just one in mono reproduction times. Sometimes everyone was combined in a single device or a case, these were the main parts, but many things like tape recorders or radio tunes could be added.

It appeared that the hi-fi system was killed when minisystems began to appear in stores. In fact, these were still hi-fi component systems, but with the individual parts of the same manufacturer and either of the same size (to make what is called a stacking system) or all combined in a house. Soon, the complete one-box system, which was easy to use, was reliable and did not properly reflect the matching components. It looked like traditional hi-fi was over. In fact, there were too many. Simplicity and relatively low cost are important for the vast majority of people who simply want to listen to music at home with reasonable quality and no hassle. The recent addition of things like docking stations makes it easy to play music from a variety of sources.

Nevertheless, a hardcore of enthusiasts remained and driven by a passion for the quality of music games and supporting a small but relatively high number of companies around the world producing some rather remarkable products. In the same way that great anglers go tremendously over the least part of their tackles, audiophiles will spend many hours of audition and sometimes spend comparatively big money on something like a record player from a famous manufacturer like Ortofon. But for the ultimate enthusiasts it goes much further than that. The true believers are convinced that everything plays a part in playing recorded music. Not only the obvious things like different amplifiers or speakers, but different cables and also the equipment equipment is on. And its even more bizarre, with companies that produce products as they claim influential sounds, including small bowls filled with crystals and even pieces of paper to stick to the wall.

Worse than some of the small items is the incredible cost to them. It is true that when considering a small market, manufacturing and research and development costs will make the price of individual items relatively high. But try to explain to a normal person that you can buy a one meter long piece of wire that costs one hundred thousand dollars and the answer is likely to be one of more than just surprise. It is certainly possible to put together a system for a few hundred that sounds more than acceptable, but its equally possible to spend literally millions.

That being said, most manufacturers and enthusiasts stay on the right side of madness, and for those in the super hunting stall, they are probably counted as small boxes, no matter how much they spend. There are plenty of manufacturers like DSPeaker, Ortofon and Van Den Hul who pick up relatively good prices for very good quality products. If your partner comes home one day and informs you that they have only heard an Audionote amplifier and a pair of Tune Audio Anima speakers, cancel all your credit cards quickly!

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